• Why is Tretinoin Effective?

    Why is Tretinoin Effective?
    Have you been looking in the mirror lately and thinking that maybe your complexion isn’t looking as refreshed and youthful as it once did? Or perhaps new breakouts are suddenly sprouting up, making you feel like your skin has reentered adolescence. Maybe you’ve tried what seems like an endless stream of skincare products and just haven’t been happy with the results. If you’re looking...
  • Why is Tretinoin Used at Night?

    Why is Tretinoin Used at Night?
    Tretinoin is one of the most powerful and effective medications in the world of skincare. It has become a popular dermatological choice for treating acne, evening out skin tone and texture, and keeping the earliest signs of aging at bay. Tretinoin is most often prescribed under the brand name of Retin-A and is used as both a short term and long-term skincare treatment. Because...
  • Tretinoin and Pregnancy

    Tretinoin and Pregnancy
    Tretinoin, often recognized by its brand name Retin-A, is a commonly prescribed skincare medication. Each year, well over a million prescriptions are issued for tretinoin in all of its brand name formulas. Many skincare experts are quick to recommend tretinoin for a range of skincare issues, from problematic acne to fighting off the hands of time for aging skin. It has even been shown...
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