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Work Night Shifts? Here’s Why Azelaic Acid Could Restore Your Glow

by Ella Goodman 28 May 2024

Hey, night owls! 

We've got something magical we need to chatter about – something that’s going to revolutionize how you handle that 'night-shift skin'. 

So, buckle up, because it's time to dive deep into the remarkable world of azelaic acid!

Can night shifts cause skin problems?


To understand why a little better, let's hop on the "Midnight Express" and take a closer look at the skin's night-time rhythm.  

At night, your skin works hard, healing from the daily wear and tear. It's a repair and restore mission, you could say. There's an increase in blood flow, collagen production ramps up for tissue regeneration and skin cells grow faster. 

Yes, your skin has its own ‘night shift’, working overtime while you snooze. Fascinating, isn't it?

In comes the graveyard shift. While you're hard at work, your skin thinks it's time to rest, gets confused, and says, "Hey, what's going on here?"

This discordance between your schedule and your skin's expectations can lead to various skin problems, including dryness, increased oiliness, breakouts, and accelerated aging. 

It's a bit like trying to repair a car while it's still speeding down the highway.

Take oiliness and breakouts, for instance. Thrown off rhythm, your skin tends to produce more sebum. Peering down a microscope, imagine increased oil production like a rush-hour traffic jam, leading to a cluster of skin troubles, blackheads and pimples. 

Let's not forget accelerated skin aging. Those after-dark work duties can make your skin feel like it's running a marathon without a finish line, leading to dullness and fine lines. 

Remember: big smiles, deep breaths, and always listen to your skin. It might just be trying to tell you something.

So, if those late-night duties are throwing your skin off balance, read on to learn why azelaic acid could be your skin’s savior! 

It might not make your shift-work fly by, but it'll certainly help your skin keep pace… 

How azelaic acid can help with "night shift skin"

When you find yourself battling to keep your complexion clear while working night shifts, azelaic acid could become your best friend, your skin's partner in crime. 

But you ask, 'how does azelaic acid help in handling this literal dark side of my life?' 

Well, prepare to have your mind blown by the healing prowess of this little-known skin saver!

‘Night shift skin’ is a tricky combination of dullness, breakouts, and an overall tired look - a cocktail that no one ordered. 

But this is where azelaic acid swings in, looking like the superhero it is, promising to save your skin from the evils of these late-night schedules. 

A naturally occurring ingredient, it boasts the ability to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin, reducing redness and spot formation - a total life-saver if you're staring down the barrel of persistent blemishes or inflammation. 

But how, you ask? 

It's due to the way your skin's rhythm gets disrupted by the irregular exposure to light when working at night. 

Known as the circadian rhythm, it's thrown off-kilter during night shifts, which tends to make your skin more vulnerable to issues. 

One of these is producing an excess amount of sebum, which can lead to increased breakouts and inflammation. You're set up for a tiresome skin-related duel with each shift!

Enter: azelaic acid. The unique molecular structure of this potent ingredient allows it to slip effortlessly into the pores, unclogging them from the excess sebum and dead skin cells. 

On these late-night adventures, it acts like a trusty sidekick, fighting off would-be intruders (read: bacteria) that often lead to troublesome spots. 

Simultaneously, it kick-starts cellular turnover, helping you say 'adios' to dull, lifeless skin. 

All those trapped dead cells? Consider them gone! 

Azelaic acid helps cast them off, making way for bright, fresh skin vibrancy to shine through. Less graveyard gloom, more morning bloom! 

Even better, unlike some more aggressive skin treatments, azelaic acid shows a special talent for treating skin troubles without causing additional irritation. 

This means it can work its magic, even while you’re dealing with the barrage of skin issues that night shifts can bring. Others might make your life living hell confronting the acne and redness, but azelaic acid? It's playing for your team!

While the real key to reducing night shift skin symptoms lies in finding a work-life balance that'll lessen the sleep disruption, we all know it’s easier said than done. 

As you work towards finding that equilibrium, azelaic acid can step in, offering an effective way to keep your skin in check during these challenging times. 

So, to all the night owls out there, consider bringing azelaic acid on board. Picture it as your nocturnal skincare superhero, swooping in to keep your skin looking as awake as you need to be. 

The night may throw its worst, but with azelaic acid in your skincare arsenal, you'll be ready to fight back! 

Should azelaic acid be used at night?

Most definitely, yes! Azelaic acid loves the night almost as much as night shift workers do. 

And here's why. 

First, let's get into dynamics. 

The skin rejuvenation process is primarily nocturnal. It's at night that our skin cells get all spruced up, much like janitors in an overnight shift. While we're deep in our slumber, they're hard at work regenerating and repairing the day's wear and tear. 

So, when should we introduce azelaic acid into the mix? 

Bingo! During the night. This gives the acid ample time to work its magic without any interruption from sun exposure or other environmental factors. Remember, it's trying to help our diligent skin cells, let's not put extra hurdles in its path.

That was just the 'when'. Now let's talk about the 'who'. 

Night shift workers, you might find this interesting.

Since you tend to live by night, the regular circadian rhythm of your skin could be a smidge off-balance. 

That's where azelaic acid’s keratolytic properties come to the rescue, promoting skin turnover and ensuring that your skin continues to rejuvenate effectively. 

But that's not all. There's more to this nocturnal skincare elixir. 

Azelaic acid loves to ward off acne-causing bacteria. Being active during your working hours, it helps keep pesky breakouts at bay. So, while you're handling things at work, azelaic acid is doing its job on the home front (or rather, your face). 

Now for the icing on the cake - it is a powerful skin brightener

Yep, this acid not only takes care of the functional side of things, but it also contributes to enhancing your aesthetics. It minimizes hyperpigmentation, promoting a brighter and more homogeneous skin tone, even in the absence of sunlight. 

Pair it with its favorite partners in crime next time you’re burning the midnight oil, and your skin will thank you.

To sum it up, azelaic acid at night is not just a good idea, it's a great one. Especially for the night shift workers among us. 

It's like finding a partner who loves and cares for you while you're busy doing what needs to get done.

To put it simply, using azelaic acid at night is a yes, yes, and another resounding yes!

How else do you take care of your skin if you work at night?

The kingpin of our night-owl skincare equation is, of course, the lack-of-sunlight factor. 

Do not underestimate the power of vitamin D

Your skin needs the 'sunshine vitamin' to renew and repair. It plays a crucial role in skin protection and rejuvenation. But, our body mainly produces this beauty with the help of sunlight. 

So, where does this leave our moonlight warriors who are more awake at the witching hour than at morning coffee? 

With a helping hand from azelaic acid, of course! 

You see, azelaic acid boosts skin cell renewal, essentially playing rookie to vitamin D’s all-star.  Neat, isn't it? 

But don't forget; it's not about slapping products on your skin and hoping for the best. Consistency and understanding your skin are crucial. 

Notice how your skin reacts to different products, the environment, or even stress. Being attuned to your skin's responses is half the battle.

Into the night

Night-shift life can throw a spanner in the works of your normal routine. As a result, your skin's natural rhythm can also be off-kilter. 

That doesn't mean you have to let it slide! Instead, weave in the magic of azelaic acid to maintain and restore your skin's balance. 

Think of night shifts as an opportunity for you to prune your skin regimen, not prune your skin. Approach your skincare routine with love and see how it rewards you in kind. 

And working through the night doesn't mean that you should ignore sun protection altogether. Stealthy UV rays are always lurking, ready to pounce! 

Powerful antioxidants are vital in protecting your skin and enhancing its resilience. They work alongside your SPF to form your anti-damage dream team during your daytime repose. 

So, as a night-shift worker, explore the vast possibilities of azelaic acid. 

Remember, even under the cloak of night, your skin deserves to glow. 

Because honestly, who needs the sun if you've got azelaic acid, right? 

Kudos to you night owls for doing what most of us couldn't! 

Keep the hustle real, everyone!

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