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Why Is My Skin Better in the Summer?

by Ella Goodman 08 Aug 2023

Alright, skinthusiasts, summer’s here, and guess what? Your skin is absolutely living for it!

You might have noticed that as the sun starts making its grand entrance, your skin follows suit.

But ever wondered, "Why does my skin seem to thrive in the summer?"

Well, pull up a beach chair and grab your SPF-infused mocktail, 'cause we're diving deep into the sunlit secrets of summertime skin.

And spoiler alert: It’s not all about the Vitamin D. 🌈

Summer Magic: Your Skin's Radiant BFF

Sunshine does more than just upping our selfie game. Here’s the nitty-gritty of why your skin practically throws a party in the summer:

  • Natural Vitamin D Boost
    When sunlight hits your skin, it begins producing Vitamin D. This isn't just essential for bone health; it plays a vital role in skin protection and rejuvenation. Vitamin D reduces inflammation, boosts the skin’s immune system, and rejuvenates aging skin cells. So, not only are you getting that glow, but your skin is actively repairing and staying youthful. Remember though, while sun-kissing sounds dreamy, moderation is key. Overdoing it can reverse all those benefits. Always pair sun time with good SPF protection.
  • Increased Blood Circulation
    Warm weather prompts blood vessels to expand, increasing blood flow to the skin. This uptick in circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells, speeding up the removal of toxins. The result? A complexion that’s brighter, healthier, and plumped with hydration.
  • Natural Exfoliation
    Summer inadvertently aids our skin in its natural shedding process. This is because the humidity and our sweat can soften the outermost layer of skin, making it easier for dead skin cells to slough off and reveal fresher, smoother skin beneath.
  • Sebum Regulation
    Contrary to popular belief, for some, summer can actually help in regulating oil production. While it's true that many people feel oilier due to sweating, the increased sun exposure can sometimes dry out the excess oils on the skin's surface, bringing a balance to those with overly oily skin. However, it's essential to monitor your skin's reaction and hydrate accordingly.

Let's Sweat It Out! 💦

And summer's not just about sun hats and beach balls. It's also when our bodies turn into natural skincare experts. Let's dive deeper:

  • Natural Detox: Every time you sweat, you're pushing out impurities. Sweat helps release built-up dirt and oil, ensuring your skin remains clear and reducing the chances of breakouts. Plus, the slightly acidic nature of sweat also helps fight harmful bacteria and fungi on the skin’s surface.
  • Clears Out Pores: Ever wondered why some folks pay big bucks for steam facials? It’s because steam (and sweat) can open up and purify your pores. However, to prevent any residue or impurities from resettling into the pores post-sweat, always cleanse post-workout or after any intense sun activity

FAQs: Your Sun-Kissed Queries Sorted

Q: Isn’t sunbathing bad news for my skin?

A: You're on the money! While Mr. Sun showers us with all that Vitamin D goodness, turning yourself into a sun-baked cookie is not the way to go. Prolonged sunbathing without protection is an express pass to Sunburn Ville. And, darling, we're not just talking about a temporary red hue. Overdoing it can lead to the horrors of premature wrinkles and, even scarier, a higher risk of skin cancer. Your must-have summer accessory? A high-SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen. Don it like it's haute couture!

Q: Why does my skin feel tight during summers?

A: Sounds like your skin's sending out an SOS for hydration. As we turn into human water fountains, sweating up a storm, our skin can feel like it's been air-dried in the Sahara. While sweating helps cool down the body, it can also strip your skin of essential oils and moisture. Guzzle down that H2O and spritz some hydrating mists. Your skin will croon its gratitude.

Q: I’m planning a summer picnic. What skin-loving snacks should I pack?

A: Picnic with a purpose, we love it! To keep your skin glowing, pack a juicy arsenal. Dive into water-packed munchies like cucumbers, watermelon, and strawberries – they're like a hydration spa for your skin. And while you're at it, toss in some antioxidant champions like blueberries, nuts, and maybe some dark chocolate (yes, it's good for your skin and soul!). These will arm your skin against the sun's sneaky rays and potential damage.

The Summertime Skin Regime: Made for Your Glow-Up!

Summer flings come and go, but a good skin relationship? That's forever.

Depending on your complexion's mood swings, summer can either feel like a warm, embracing hug or a scalding hot touch. So, let's play matchmaker, connecting your skin with its summer soulmate:

Scenario: Skin that's parched, sending you desert vibes. 
Top Pick: Dive into an oasis of hydration! For a drenching quench, get your hands on our intensely hydrating
Collagen Cream. Think of it as a tall drink of water for your thirsty skin.

Scenario: Oily skin behaving like it's prepping for a grease marathon.
Top Pick: Time to go from shine to sublime! Turn that oily sheen into a velvety dream with a mattifying toner. It works like a blotting paper in a bottle.

Scenario: Jet-setting off to humid destinations.
Top Pick: Prep and jet with confidence! Carry along our skin-nourishing
Citrus Glow Drops to ensure that the only thing dripping is style, not sweat.

Dive into DIY: Summertime Skin Masks 🥑🍯

Why hit the store when your kitchen's got the score?

Sunlit summers call for some DIY indulgence. Whether you're sipping lemonade by your balcony or chilling by the pool, these DIY masks are about to elevate your summer skin game.

Hydration Boost: The Yog-Honey Delight

What You Need: A spoon of yogurt, a drizzle of honey, and a few drops of olive oil.
Let's Get Mixing: Whisk these together until creamy. Apply this concoction to your face, dive into your favorite summer read, and after about 15 minutes, rinse to reveal supple, moisturized skin.

Brightening Lift: The Papaya Glow-Getter

What You Need: A few pieces of ripe papaya, a squeeze of lemon, and a teaspoon of honey.
Let's Get Mixing: Blend these sunny ingredients into a smooth paste. Slather it onto your face, take a quick power nap or dance to your summer playlist, and in 10 minutes, wash off to unveil a radiant, fresh glow.

Pssst: These masks are not just summer wonders; they're your kitchen's little skincare secrets year-round. (Tested them out? Snap a selfie and tag us – we're all about that #DIYGlowUp!)

Speaking of glow-ups, while DIYs are fab, there's one summer staple that's non-negotiable. Let's dive into the world of sunscreens… *splash!*

Your Sunscreen Bible: A 101 Guide 🌞📘

Hold onto your beach hats, skinthusiasts! Think sunscreen's just about slapping on some cream and dodging sunburn? Think again!

Presenting: Your ultimate deep dive into the SPF saga.

SPF Decoded

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) essentially measures how well a sunscreen guards against UVB rays. But remember, higher SPF doesn't mean "apply once & forget." For flawless protection, reapplication is key!


Not all sun rays are made equal. While UVB rays are the notorious culprits behind sunburns, UVA rays penetrate deeper, aging your skin. The mantra? Look for 'broad spectrum' on your sunscreen label – it's your shield against both.

Physical vs. Chemical Sunscreens

Physical sunscreens (think zinc oxide) act as a barrier, deflecting the sun's rays. Chemical ones, on the other hand, absorb these rays, converting them into heat and releasing them from the skin. Each has its merits, so pick what resonates with your skin's symphony.

Sunscreen Application Hacks

Dot sunscreen on your face instead of rubbing – it ensures even coverage. And while your face basks in all the sunscreen glory, don't forget your neck, ears, and the back of your hands!

Now that you're sun-savvy, let's take that knowledge on the go! Tailored advice for your bustling life coming right up...

Let's Get Tailored: Personalized Paths to Perfect Skin! 🌍✨

Let's be honest: One-size-fits-all is a myth, especially when it comes to skincare. It’s all about knowing your terrain and customizing your routine.

 Whether you're beach lounging or conquering heights, here's your bespoke guide tailored to your unique adventures:

1. Beach Bums 🌴🌊
Sun, Sand, and Skincare: Oh, the thrill of the waves and the taste of salt on your lips! But the beach can be a bit of a diva, demanding some special skincare attention. After you've tackled those waves and turned golden under the sun:

  • Rinse and Repeat: Start with a gentle cleanse to wash away the sandy remnants and salty trails.

  • Serum Saver: Opt for a hydrating, nourishing serum that revives and refreshes. It’s your potion to counteract the drying effects of the saltwater, leaving your skin as soft as those dreamy beaches you adore.

2. Mountain Maestros 🏔️🧗
Scaling the Skincare Summit: As you climb higher, the air gets thinner, and UV exposure intensifies. But here's how you ensure your skin stays as breathtaking as those views:

  • Moisture Maxim: Embrace an antioxidant-rich moisturizer. It’s the skincare equivalent of an oxygen mask at those dizzying heights.

  • SPF Power Play: You’re closer to the sun, so up your SPF game. Reapply more frequently and ensure it's broad-spectrum. After all, you want stories of your adventures, not sunburns.

3. City Slickers 🏙️🚕
Glow amidst the Hustle: City lights, bustling streets, and the inevitable grime. Your urban escapades demand a routine as dynamic as the city pulse.

  • Detox Dive: Post-day, indulge in a deep cleansing routine to strip away pollutants. Consider a charcoal-based face wash or mask – they're like city grime magnets!

  • Night-Time Nurture: As the city sleeps, let your skin repair with a rejuvenating night cream or serum. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid or niacinamide can be your skin's midnight allies, combating the stresses of urban life.

Remember: Just as every adventure is unique, so is your skin. Sync your skincare to your surroundings and keep glowing, no matter where life takes you! 🌟🗺️

Your Sunlit Path to Stunning Skin

From understanding why summer loves to pamper our skin, to diving deep into personalized skincare routines tailored for every adventure, we hope this guide has been a bright spot in your day.

Always remember: your skin is unique, just like the summer stars. So treat it with the love and care it deserves. After all, every season is a chance for a fresh, radiant start.

Found these summer skin insights valuable? Share this with your squad and let them in on the secrets. Sharing is caring, right? 😜

Let's Stay Connected!

Hungry for more skin-loving insights? Stop by our blog each day for your regular dose of radiance. Embrace the journey, celebrate every glow-up, and here’s to making every day a sun-kissed celebration. 🥂✨

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