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Is Azelaic Acid Good Under Makeup? Here’s the Simple Answer

by Ella Goodman 10 Apr 2024


Another day, another beauty query on your radar. 

Today's hot topic? Azelaic acid and the million-dollar question, "Is azelaic acid good under makeup?" 

Brace yourself folks, as we dive into the ins and outs of integrating this skin hero into your makeup routine. 

Can you use azelaic acid under makeup?

Absolutely, darlings! The real question is, why wouldn't you? 

Azelaic acid, that superstar of skincare, is more than just a pretty name. It's a power-packed performer that can smooth out the roughest of complexions, and it plays nice with makeup to boot.   

Let's dive into the specifics. 

First, we need to understand why azelaic acid is so adored. 

Derived from grains like barley, wheat, and rye, this mild acid is an exfoliant that gently sheds dead skin cells, effectively reducing redness, evening out pigmentation, and calming those pesky acne flares. 

Next, let's talk texture. 

You might fantasize about a dewy glow, but nobody wants a slick, oily film disrupting your makeup masterpiece. With azelaic acid, this isn't a problem. Most formulas are light, gel-like, and quick to absorb. No slip-slide here!   

Now, to give a more thorough answer to the original question - can azelaic acid be used under makeup? Without a shadow of a doubt, yes! 

Here's why: Azelaic acid is non-greasy and lightweight, so it spreads beautifully on the skin, sinking in without leaving a sticky, heavy residue. That's crucial, because your foundation or concealer needs an unobstructed canvas, not a glossy battlefield.

Moreover, azelaic acid creates a smooth, more even surface by reducing redness and inflammation. So not only does it prime your skin perfectly for foundation, it also optimizes the skin so it looks radiant even under a layer of makeup. Talk about an ideal prep step! 

However, here's a piece of advice: timing is everything. Azelaic acid is great under makeup, but only when applied correctly. 

Allow the acid to fully absorb into your skin before layering makeup on top. Don't rush this step; think of it as your steeping tea, the longer it sits, the more potent it gets. Give it around 10-20 minutes. 

But hold up! Before we finish, let's talk sun protection. 

Regardless of how azelaic acid is used, sun protection should be a non-negotiable part of your routine. After applying azelaic acid and patiently waiting for it to absorb, generously put on sunscreen before finally applying your makeup. 

To sum it up, azelaic acid and makeup are indeed a match made in beauty heaven. These peers in prettification will be thrilled to work together for your aesthetic advantage. 

Plus, they coexist without disrupting the other's function--if anything, they aid and amplify each other. 

So, by all means, harness the power of azelaic acid under your makeup. Your skin, and those gorgeous selfies, will thank you!

What else can you layer with azelaic acid?

Let your imagination run wild, because the fantastic world of skincare is your playground.

And azelaic acid happens to be one of the biggest team players on the pitch!

Azelaic acid's easy-going nature makes it a perfect fit to layer with other skincare products. It’s amiable, easy to get along with, and doesn't throw tantrums. Basically, it's that quiet, accommodating roommate we all wish we had. 

But why exactly is azelaic acid such a sociable ingredient?

This busy little organic compound helps reduce inflammation, zap excess melanin, and fight off pesky acne-causing bacteria. Its versatility makes it a top pick among dermatologists, they often describe it as the Swiss army knife of skin care ingredients!

Who can azelaic acid use as its skincare besties then? 

The first one that comes to mind is niacinamide. This vitamin B3 derivative boosts the effects of azelaic acid, helping to regulate sebum production (our skin's oil) and reduce the appearance of large pores. Try layering a niacinamide serum under your azelaic acid-infused product for that dynamic skincare duo effect.

Next in line are the alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs. 

Ingredients such as glycolic and lactic acid enhance the exfoliating properties of azelaic acid, promoting skin cell turnover and bringing forth that fresh, radiant skin hiding beneath. 

Picture it like a skin chorus line, with each ingredient taking its turn in the spotlight, and then the entire cast coming together for a show-stopping finale. 

An honorable mention goes to hyaluronic acid. This humectant works together with azelaic acid to draw moisture into the skin. Layer a hyaluronic acid-based moisturizer over your azelaic acid treatment to seal in hydration and bask in the soft and supple skin glory. 

The versatility of azelaic acid doesn't stop at water-based products. It also plays well with oils. Squalane oil, for instance, can be layered with azelaic acid to restore skin's natural lipid barrier, combat dryness, and maintain skin elasticity. 

Now, let's talk about some skincare players azelaic acid usually rides the bench for — the heavy hitters, like retinol. 

While they can technically be used together, the better option might be to alternate between them. 

Layering these two can often lead to irritation - think of it like mixing oil and water. Both are great on their own, but they don’t mix well (unless you're making a salad dressing!). 

Azelaic acid also has a no-fly zone for other potent skin lighteners, like hydroquinone. The combo can be too harsh for your skin to handle, creating unnecessary discomfort and potential damage.

To wrap it up, the beauty of azelaic acid lies in how well it fits into the skincare layering game. It won’t steal the spotlight from its teammates, but its contribution will elevate your skincare routine to a championship level.

How long should I wait to put moisturizer on after azelaic acid?

Alright, folks. Let's delve into the nitty-gritty of your skincare regime. 

Specifically, we're looking at azelaic acid and moisturizers. 

How do these two interact? And crucially, how long should one be waiting to apply moisturizer after dabbing on azelaic acid?

Let's get cracking!

We know that azelaic acid is a total boss in the skincare industry. It's a master multitasker, hustling to deal with acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. And boy, does it do it well! 

But there's a hops and skips between using it and getting onto your next product - our friend, moisturizer. 

Why, you ask? 

Azelaic acid, like all acids in skincare, needs a bit of alone time on your skin to do its magic. The acid likes to work unhindered, without other products barging in and disrupting the process.  


So, toss out the idea of speed layering here. Patience is key. A specific wait time can get our skincare pals to play nice and deliver their best to our skin. But how long is enough? 

Specialists suggest that waiting 10 to 15 minutes post azelaic acid use is ideal. 

After giving the azelaic acid ample me-time to effectively penetrate the skin, then and only then should you bring in the moisturizer. 

Why this gap? Well, it has everything to do with pH levels, folks! 

Azelaic acid prefers a more acidic environment (pH 4.9), which is crucial for it to work optimally. Skincare products often contain ingredients that can mess with this pH, making it more alkaline than the acid would like.    

Moisturizer, your next step, can potentially alter that lovingly acidic pH the acid enjoyed, pushing it towards alkalinity. This change can interfere with the acid's efficiency. That's a lose-lose, and we don't want that. 

Hence, the wait. A span of 10 to 15 minutes is often enough time for the skin to drink in the azelaic acid, lessening the interference risk of that moisturizer you're keen to lather on.  

But time is ticking, and you're a busy bee! You might be asking, "What if I simply don't have those 10 to 15 minutes to spare?" 

Well, compromise is the name of the game. Most experts agree that a minimum of a 5-minute wait can also deliver decent results. 

Remember, darlings, skincare is chemistry. It's a delicate balancing act of welcoming potent ingredients into your routine, whilst also giving them the space and time to work their sorcery.

So, summon up your inner patience, set that timer post-azelaic acid application, and give your skin the best chance to glow. 

In natshell: azelaic acid first, clock-watch for a bit, then get your moisturizer game on. 

Voila! You're on your way to your best skin yet.

What happens if I use azelaic acid everyday?

Azelaic Acid: The Daily Beauty Routine Game Changer

Let's unravel another burning question. What happens if you make azelaic acid your daily beauty routine hero?

A well-rounded skincare regimen? Check. 

An newly-converted azelaic acid enthusiast? Check. 

You're already familiar with the miraculous world of azelaic acid, and you're ready to level up. Daily use of azelaic acid could be your secret weapon. 

However, skincare veterans always play it smart. If you're a rookie in the azelaic acid league, easing your skin into this new regimen is key. 

In the beginning, dab it on lightly three times per week. 

Then, gradually notch up to using it daily. This baby-step approach provides your skin the needed time to adjust without triggering any irritable or dry reactions.

Ninja-level eye makeup hack!

Alright, let's flip the script a bit. 

Skincare is more than just a beautiful complexion - your eyes need some love too! Did you know you could level-up your eye makeup game with azelaic acid? 

Intrigued, aren't you! Now, here's the science behind it. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of azelaic acid can provide a calming effect on the sensitive skin around your eyes. Sore, red eyes from hours of makeup application? Azelaic acid could be your new best friend!

Apply a dab of azelaic acid cream before sweeping across that glittery eyeshadow. And voila! An irritation-free, dazzling eye look that’s ready to steal hearts!

A tale of skin transformation

Now, let's meet Maria - a makeup zealot whose daily routine consisted of meticulously crafting a flawless look, only to have her foundation cake up by lunchtime. 

Then fate introduced her to azelaic acid.

The super ingredient started its wizardry by calming her acne, smoothing her skin texture, and evens out her skin tone. As her skin transformed, it became a blank canvas ready for her artistic stroke. 

The best part followed - her foundation began settling seamlessly on the azelaic acid-treated skin, imparting a radiant glow all day long!

From then on, Maria was not just the girl with the gorgeous makeup but the one with the confidence shining right from her skin!

Wrapping up the acid test

By answering the million-dollar beauty question - "Can you use azelaic acid every day?" - we've journeyed through some intriguing and useful beauty hacks. At least we hope we have!

From easing into daily azelaic acid use to revolutionizing eye makeup, we've dissected the fascinating world of holistic skincare.

The bottom line? It's your skin, your beauty, your rules. 

Experiment, have fun, and elevate your beauty game. Arm yourself with these tips, and you'll be navigating like a pro in no time. 

So, keep exploring, keep glowing, and shine on, glow-getter!

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