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Hydroquinone: What to Expect

by Ella Goodman 23 May 2018

If you’re concerned about skin discolorations and how to best treat them, you’re not alone. In the United States, more than 5 million people are affected by Melasma – a hyperpigmentation condition that’s responsible for darkened, discolored patches of skin in the facial area. Melasma represents only a portion of people who are dealing with hyperpigmentation. Medications, scarring, sun damage, aging and Lentigines – more commonly known as “liver spots” – are just some of the other culprits behind uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.

Many people with hyperpigmentation desperately want a solution but aren’t satisfied with the effectiveness or safety of many of the treatment options that are currently available. It doesn’t help that skin lightening treatments aren’t something that most people use every day, so the average person knows little about them.

If you’ve been searching for a solution to hyperpigmentation, Hydroquinone could be your answer. Let’s talk about how Hydroquinone works and what to expect with treatment.

What does hydroquinone do to the skin?

If you’ve ever wondered what determines the subtleties in skin tone between you and others in your family, it’s melanin. Melanin is a pigment that found in the skin, hair and the irises of the eyes. The more melanin someone has, the darker the color of their skin. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, there’s an overproduction of melanin and we see this as darker spots on the skin.

Hydroquinone as a skin lightening treatment works by blocking the production and expediting the breakdown of melanin in the cells. It also helps to inhibit the cell’s ability to store up the pigment, which helps to prevent further discoloration from occurring.

Note that nothing about Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent. Instead, it works on a cellular level, and as melanin is released from the skin, it becomes lighter and you begin to see the visible results.

How Long Does Hydroquinone Take to Work?

Let’s talk for a minute about instant gratification and skincare. The truth is that these are words that just don’t work well together. Yes, you can find treatments for just about any skin condition to quickly improve the appearance, however in almost every case, the effects are only temporary and do nothing to solve the problem.

When people ask how long Hydroquinone will take to work, it’s often with a sense of urgency and a little anxiety. It’s understandable when you’ve been dealing with hyperpigmentation that you want results as quickly as possible, but Hydroquinone is not an instant gratification treatment.

It is however, one that offers real results.

When will Hydroquinone work for you depends on a few factors that need to be considered. The severity and cause of the discoloration can affect treatment time, as well as the strength of Hydroquinone in the product.

For very severe or resistant cases of hyperpigmentation, you may want to consider working with a dermatologist who can prescribe a treatment with a potency of 4%. However, most people will receive benefit from using an over-the-counter strength formula that contains up to 2% Hydroquinone – the maximum, non-prescription strength allowed.

How long until you see results with Hydroquinone also depends on the other ingredients in the formula. For example, complimentary ingredients such as salicylic acid, azelaic acid, lactic acid & vitamin C help to expedite healing and the release of melanin from the skin. Generally speaking, most people begin to see results within 2-4 weeks of using Hydroquinone, but more stubborn cases of hyperpigmentation may take a little longer.

How Long Can You Use Hydroquinone for Safety and Lasting Results?

Unlike other skin treatments, Hydroquinone is not intended for long term, continual use. It’s suggested that you cycle off Hydroquinone treatment after about 3 months of use and take a “holiday” of 1-3 months before resuming treatment.

If after 3 months of treatment with an over the counter strength Hydroquinone product you’re not satisfied with the results you’re seeing, it might be time to speak with a skin care professional about your options. It’s always smarter to speak with someone who understands the benefits and disadvantages of long-term Hydroquinone use rather than take chances with the health of your skin by taking matters into your own hands.

Something to keep in mind when assessing the results you’re getting with Hydroquinone treatment is that sometimes skin discoloration can appear darker at first as the treatment begins to work. This is because as the melanin starts to break down it will appear darker in the dead cells that are on top layer of skin. As these cells are sloughed off, preferably through gentle exfoliation, they disappear and reveal the lighter, less pigmented skin beneath.

Is Hydroquinone Safe to Get a Beautiful, Even-Toned Skin Within Weeks?

If your questions about what to expect with Hydroquinone treatment have prevented you from taking the leap, we hope they’ve been answered and that you’re ready to erase hyperpigmentation from your life for good. Admire My Skin’s Ultra Potent Lightening Serum is a 2% Hydroquinone product that’s been formulated with complimentary ingredients for the best results. You’re only 2 – 4 more weeks away from saying good-bye to skin discolorations, so what are you waiting for?

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