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“Get in Line, Products!” - The Perfect Skin Care Routine Order for Max Results

by Ella Goodman 18 Sep 2023

Hey glow-getter!

Ever played dress-up with your skincare products, unsure of who should make an entrance first?

We feel you!

But the great news?

Your skincare sequence is everything, and getting it right can upgrade your results from "Oh, nice" to "OMG, what’s your secret?!"

Let's Break It Down: The Grand Entrance Order

1. Cleanse: The First Step to Freshness

Every masterpiece starts with a blank canvas, and the same goes for your skin. But what's the science behind the suds?

  • Why Cleanse? Throughout the day, our skin is exposed to pollutants, dust, and excess oils. If not cleared, these can clog pores, leading to breakouts and a dull appearance.
  • The Magic of Micelles: Ever heard of micellar water? These tiny molecules called micelles attract dirt and oil like a magnet, lifting them away from the skin without drying it out. It's cleansing backed by science!
  • Tip: Always opt for a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type. Those with hydrating properties can be a game-changer for dry skin, while oil-control formulas work wonders for our oily-skinned beauties.

2. Tone: Set the Stage Right

After the cleansing act, the toner takes center stage, and here's the nitty-gritty behind its stardom.

  • pHabulous Balance: Our skin has a pH level hovering between 4.7 and 5.7, making it slightly acidic. Cleansing, though essential, can sometimes disrupt this balance. Toners restore this pH level, ensuring the skin's protective barrier remains intact.
  • Tightening Pores & More: A good toner minimizes the appearance of pores, gives the skin a firmer feel, and sets the stage for the products that follow, ensuring maximum absorption.
  • Tip: Go alcohol-free! Alcohol can be drying, and we're all about keeping things hydrated. Look for toners with soothing ingredients like rose water or chamomile for a touch of tenderness.

3. Serums: Power-Packed Potions

If skincare was a fairytale, serums would be the magic potions - and for good reason.

  • Concentration Station: Serums contain a higher concentration of active ingredients compared to regular creams or lotions. They dive deep into the skin's layers, targeting specific concerns at the root.
  • Types & Triumphs: Vitamin C serums can combat dark spots, hyaluronic acid serums offer deep hydration, and retinol-based ones are your besties for anti-aging. The world of serums is vast, and there's one for every skin dream!

    Of particular note, if you’re one of our uneven-skin-toned tribe? Our dark spot-busting
    Brightening Serum was made for you… literally!
  • Tip: Apply on damp skin! A little moisture helps the serum spread better and absorb quicker. Plus, if you're layering serums, always start with the lightest consistency and work your way up.

4. Moisturize: The Grand Finale

Think of moisturizing as the encore after a great concert. It's the final, yet crucial, step that seals the show.

  • Why the Hype? Our skin loses water continuously, and while serums address specific concerns, moisturizers ensure this lost hydration is replenished. They form a thin protective layer, trapping in all the goodness from the previous steps.
  • Barrier Boost: Moisturizers not only hydrate but also fortify the skin's barrier. A stronger barrier means less water loss and increased resistance against potential irritants.
  • Dewy Details: Ingredients matter! Glycerin, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid are your go-to's for that quenched, dewy look. And if you're more on the oily side? Gel-based moisturizers can be your jam!
  • Tip: Massage in upward strokes. This not only feels therapeutic but also boosts circulation, adding to that natural flush and glow.

The Vitamin C Plot Twist: A lil' secret for that extra OOMPH!

Everybody adores a good plot twist in their favorite series, but how about one in their skincare routine?

Enter: Vitamin C oil, the game-changing elixir that’s about to add some pizzazz to your skincare narrative.

Why the Fuss About Vitamin C?

Before we dive into the how-to, let’s unravel the science behind this glow-giver.

  • Antioxidant All-Star: At its core, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant. This means it fiercely battles those pesky free radicals, often caused by environmental factors like pollution and UV rays. The result? Protection against premature aging and a brighter, more even skin tone.
  • Collagen Calling: Vitamin C plays a pivotal role in collagen synthesis. Now, why should you care about collagen? It’s the protein responsible for that youthful elasticity and plumpness. So, more vitamin C? More bounce and firmness!

The Application Art

Got your vitamin C oil handy? Perfect! Let's embark on this radiant journey.

  • The Golden Drops: After you’ve let your serum do its magic, it’s time to amplify. Delicately dispense 2-3 drops of vitamin C oil onto your fingertips. Now, gently press and blend it into your skin. Remember, it’s not just about applying; it’s about indulging in the experience. Feel the freshness seep in!
  • Seal with Love: Vitamin C is splendid, but always ensure it’s embraced with a layer of moisturizer afterward. This duo is dynamite – while the oil works on brightness and protection, the moisturizer seals in the hydration. And of course, the sunscreen is your final armor against those UV narratives.

Foundation Fusion: The Glam Gambit

Your makeup shouldn’t just be about covering up; it should complement the radiance underneath. Here’s a hack straight out of beauty guru diaries.

  • Mix n' Match: On the days when you’re channeling your inner diva, fetch your trusted foundation.

    But wait, let’s twist the plot. Add a drop of your vitamin C oil to it. This concoction ensures a buttery-smooth application, lending your skin a luminous, dewy finish that’s oh-so-natural and oh-so-enviable.
  • Why it Works: Apart from the glow, this fusion ensures your makeup doesn’t dry out your skin. It keeps it nourished, letting the real you shine through every layer.

The 'Piling' Dilemma: What It Is & Dodging The Bullet

You've spent precious moments layering your favorite products for that perfect skin glow-up, only to discover... what's this? Flakes? Tiny balls?

Bummer, right? Well, welcome to the occasionally perplexing world of 'piling'.

But fret not, because knowledge is power, and we're about to hand you the compass to sail smoothly through this skincare storm.

Understanding the Piling Phenomenon

So, what's with these pesky flakes?

  • Surface Shenanigans: Think of piling as skincare's version of friction. Instead of absorbing and harmonizing, your products decide to throw a little rebellion, chilling atop your skin's surface and forming granules.
  • The Base Battle: Let's get a tad geeky. Most products come with either a water (aqueous) base or an oil (lipid) base. Now, recall your high school science: water and oil don’t get along. It's like expecting cats and dogs to have a peaceful tea party together. When layered improperly, they repel each other, leading to that dreaded pile-up.

The Art of Dodging the Bullet 🎯

Piling might sound like a downer, but with a little strategy, you can easily dodge it. Here's your game plan:

  • Order is Everything: Always remember the mantra: Go Thin to Thick. Begin with lightweight, water-based serums or toners. Their molecular structure is smaller, allowing them to penetrate deeply. Then, graduate to the richer, oil-based creams or sunscreens. This ensures each product gets its fair share of skin time without any skirmishes.
  • Time is Your BFF: Rushing might be okay when you're late for a date, but with skincare? Take. Your. Time. After applying each product, whisper sweet nothings to your skin (okay, you don’t really have to) and wait for a minute or two. This breather allows each layer to absorb and settle beautifully. It’s like letting wine breathe to appreciate its full bouquet.
  • Moderation Magic: While it's tempting to slather on that expensive cream, restraint is key. A dollop (not a mountain) of product ensures optimal absorption. Plus, it's economical. You don't wear all your clothes at once, right? Similarly, let your skin breathe by not overburdening it.
  • Tool Talk: If you're still facing piling issues, maybe it's time to introduce a tool into your routine. A jade roller or a facial massager can help in pushing the products deeper, ensuring minimal surface residue.

Quick-Fire Pro Tips: The Extra Spice in Your Skincare Recipe

Let's keep it real: skincare, as rewarding as it is, can sometimes feel like you're studying for a final exam - so much to remember!

But what if I told you that some golden nuggets could make everything pop and sizzle without the stress?

Welcome to the quick-fire round, where every tip is a game-changer!

  1. Cool it Down: Ever tried applying your toner or essence with a chill? Store them in the fridge! The cold can help reduce puffiness and feels ultra-refreshing, especially on those groggy mornings.
  2. Upwards & Outwards: Always apply your products in an upward and outward motion. This not only ensures a gentle application but also fights gravity. You're telling those wrinkles, "Not today!"
  3. The 60-Second Rule: When cleansing, massage the product into your skin for a full 60 seconds. This gives the ingredients time to work their magic, ensures a deep clean, and turns a simple cleanse into a mini facial.
  4. Fingers Before Face: Warm up your serums or creams by rubbing them between your fingers before applying. This makes the consistency smoother and ensures better absorption.
  5. Eye-Care Etiquette: Your eye area is sensitive. Use your ring finger (it applies the least pressure) to dab on your eye cream. Start from the inner corner and work your way out, following the orbital bone.
  6. Neck Neglect, No More: Your face's skincare routine should extend down to your neck. Often overlooked, the neck can show signs of aging just as quickly. Treat it with the same tender, loving care.
  7. Mixology Master: If you've got two serums that serve different purposes (say, one for hydration and another for brightening), don't hesitate to mix them together before applying. It saves time and delivers double the benefits!
  8. Sponge Secret: After applying your serum or essence, gently tap your face with a soft sponge. It helps push the product deeper into your skin and ensures an even application.
  9. Sunscreen, Rain or Shine: Think you don't need sunscreen on a cloudy day? Think again! UV rays can still penetrate through the gloom, so make sunscreen a non-negotiable, every single day.
  10. The Pillowcase Swap: Cotton is comfy, but satin or silk pillowcases are where it's at! They're gentler on the skin, reduce friction (hello, fewer wrinkles), and even help keep that hair frizz-free.
  11. Hydration from Within: External products do wonders, but remember to hydrate by drinking enough water. Your skin, the largest organ, needs its daily dose to stay plump and radiant.
  12. Tech-Check: Those hours on the phone or laptop? Blue light exposure is real, and it can accelerate skin aging. Look for products that offer blue light protection or invest in a screen protector.
  13. Masking Mantra: Love face masks? Always apply them to cleansed skin. And if you're using a sheet mask, don't let it dry out completely on your face. When it starts to feel dry, it's time to take it off.
  14. Exfoliation Equation: Exfoliate, but not every day. 2-3 times a week is the sweet spot. Over-exfoliating can strip your skin of essential oils. Remember, it's about balance.
  15. Product Expiry: Yes, they expire! Using out-of-date products can cause irritations or breakouts. Set a reminder or stick a label mentioning the expiry date to stay on track.

And voilà! Consider these pro-tips as your skincare cheat sheet. They're easy, effective, and totally doable.

Infuse them into your routine and watch as your skin thanks you with that radiant, "I-know-something-you-don't" glow!

Closing Note

Your skincare routine is personal. What works for one might not work for another.

But the order of the game? That's universal.

And now that you're armed with the insider info, go forth and shine!

Remember, every drop, dab, and swipe is a step closer to the skin you adore. And you, beautiful, deserve nothing less!

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