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Clinically Effective Retinoid Cream

by Ella Goodman 14 Nov 2019

The beauty industry is fueled by products that promise miracles. It’s often the case that many of these promises are filled with hot air, but something unusual happened a few years back. Word started spreading about an incredible skin care ingredient, and It wasn’t just the cosmetic and skin care industry that were claiming it was capable of solving so many of your skin care woes. Dermatologist were also jumping on the bandwagon.

Of course, this caused people to stand up and take notice.

The skin care ingredient that was essentially making headlines in the beauty industry was Retin A, with claims that spanned from helping to treat acne to being the one skin care ingredient on the market that could truly diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

There was just one problem. Retin A was only available via prescription, which meant a trip to the dermatologist or doctor was required to get your hands on this liquid gold. As much as some skin care companies have tried, successfully mimicking the results of prescription strength Retin A has been all but impossible. That is until more recently, when the skin care experts at Admire My Skin took to the task of creating a clinically effective retinoid cream that’s capable of producing results on par to what you’ve come to expect from your prescription Retin A treatments.

Clinically Effective Retinoid Cream

Retinoid is a term used to categorize a number of compounds that are derived from vitamin A. Retin A, is a prescription strength retinoid, however it’s not the only retinoid capable of producing incredible results.

In fact, other retinoids like retinoic acid – which you don’t need a prescription for – have shown to be just as effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and redness, along with enhancing the overall firmness and smoothness of the skin.

Considering this, is it really worth the trip to the dermatologist for a prescription Retin A treatment, when options like retinoic acid are more readily available?

Well, let me be the first to say that a trip to the dermatologist is never discouraged. A dermatologist does all sorts of great things like help you learn to care for your changing skin and keep an eye out for changes that could be warning signs of skin cancer. That said, while some do benefit from prescription strength Retin A, a retinoid cream is an equally effective treatment for the majority of others.

It was the desire to make the results of Retin A treatments more accessible that one of the key reasons behind the development of Admire My Skin’s Clinically Effective Retinoid Cream. This cream utilizes the skin healing and rejuvenating power of retinoic acid, and in at least one study, has shown to provide results that impressed users of prescription strength Retin A.

The Proof Is In the Results

The health of your skin is incredibly important, and not just because you want it to look glowing. Your skin carries out vital functions on a daily basis, and it deserves all the care and attention you bestow upon it. As a wise consumer, who is also concerned about the health of their skin, you shouldn’t be expected to take a skincare company’s word when it comes to effectiveness, safety, and quality of their products. At Admire My Skin, we’re prepared to back up our claims, not just with customer testimonials – but with real, scientific proof.

What we’re referring to specifically, is a study that included a tightly controlled group of participants who were actively using Retin A, either for the treatment of acne or to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. All participants must have been using Retin A for at least four weeks, meaning they had a solid idea of what Retin A could do for their skin. These participants were asked to replace their Retin A treatment with Admire My Skin’s Retinoid Cream for a period of 4 weeks, and then report their results.

The results didn’t surprise us at all.

For starters, prescription strength Retin A is known for causing irritation or adverse reactions, especially in people with sensitive skin. In this study, 17% of the participants claimed having had an adverse reaction of some sort to Retin A. On the other hand, 100% of the test subjects had zero adverse issues or irritation with Admire My Skin’s Retinoid Cream. Not a bad start.

But you want to know about results, so let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the study. When comparing Retin A to the Retinoid Cream, more than 50% of participants were pleased with the results of each for helping diminish the appearance of acne. Where Admire My Skin’s Retinoid Cream really jumped ahead was when the test group assessed their satisfaction with the cream’s ability to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Of all the participants, only 44% said they were happy with the quality of results their prescription strength Retin A treatment was providing for making their fine lines and wrinkles less visible. In contrast, 58% said they were pleased with the results produced by Admire My Skin’s Retinoid Cream in diminishing the visibility of resilient fine lines and wrinkles.

At the end of the day, more than half of the test subjects had decided to make the switch from their prescription Retin A treatment to Admire My Skin’s Retinoid Cream – and this is after just four weeks. Imagine the transformation your skin could undergo with longer term use of incredible cream.

Informed Choices for the Health of Your Skin

The sea of choices in skin care can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you’re weighing prescription strength skin care treatments against one you purchase without a trip to the dermatologist. It’s important to learn all that you can about the products you use on your skin, and the ingredients they contain.

The participants in the study cited major factors for making the switch to Admire My Skin’s Retinoid Cream. These included no need for a prescription, better results, less irritation, and lower price.

An informed decision is the best decision you can make when it comes to caring for your skin. Choose wisely and get the facts to put your best face forward every day.

Discover how to build an effective skincare routine for all skin types with our top selection skincare product bundles.

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