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Ask Amy – Admire My Skin Hydroquinone Brightening Serum to Correct Dark Spots

by Ella Goodman 13 Aug 2018

We’ve asked our Co-Founder and President, Amy Romero, to answer some of our customers most commonly asked questions about our Ultra Potent 2% Hydroquinone Brightening Serum. Read on to learn more about this flagship Admire My Skin product.

I’ve started using your Brightening Serum. Is it normal that my skin is a little red for a few days before it turns darker and peel?

Redness and peeling are normal.

The serum can cause redness, irritation and even spots to appear darker at first before peeling off to reveal lighter skin. To explain how the product works a little more, salicylic and kojic acid cause cell turnover which can cause spots to appear darker at first. While some can see results much sooner, the process can take up to 4 weeks of nightly use to begin seeing results. If your skin ever seems too irritated, it is definitely okay to take a break for a few days and apply something soothing like aloe or rose hip. You will always want to continue to moisturize and be diligent about protecting from the sun. Any sun exposure can cause dark spots to return even after you are no longer using the serum and the serum can also make you more sensitive to sunlight.

Please be sure not to use any products containing benzoyl peroxide or any other lightening /brightening products while using our serum, especially any products containing resorcinol.

Hydroquinone products should not be used longer than 2-6 months at a time. We recommend taking a break after 60 days to be on the safe side. Users of hydroquinone can develop a resistance or permanent darkening if used continuously without a break. You can begin re-using the serum after a 30-day break if needed.’


Can I use Brightening Serum on other parts of my body or just my face?

Yes, the Brightening Serum can be used on other areas than the face. Many customers have had great results using this product on their décolleté, arms and hands. However, you only want to use it externally, so places like the mouth, eyes, etc. should be avoided. Additionally, these areas will need to be protected from the sun.

Can I use a facial tool with the Brightening Serum?

Any type of facial tool (derma roller, Clarisonic brush, etc.) or exfoliation can cause the serum to sting a little more than usual. We always recommend - and especially if you are going to use the tool before our serum - starting with a very small spot test since the serum is potent. If the area seems too irritated or the stinging sensation is too intense you should discontinue use of the tool temporarily while using our serum.

Is it okay to use the Brightening Serum on inflamed skin?

If your skin is already inflamed, we do not recommend using the Brightening Serum as it can cause your skin to become even more inflamed.

What color should the Brightening Serum be?

The Brightening Serum should be clear to light amber. If it seems too dark, it could have oxidized rendering it less effective. We try to avoid this by packaging with an airless pump, but it can still happen on occasion. If you are unsure, send us a picture at If it is oxidized, we can send you a new serum free of charge.

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